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Double the work and ease up practically.

Work quickly, functionally, meaningfully and with new visions, bring all your skills and ideas here, save them and bring them to life later, or today in the same hour. move on !

The template contains

A lot of things you don't expect on one page. Free resources, mockup sites, color palettes, services, free AI tools, fonts, voice, resume, building blocks, audiobooks, inspiration, freelancer page and more... discover it yourself.

know before you buy

Here everything is in one space. Work and creativity. Everything is in your hands. What you will find here are books, inspirations and working phases. You want one button for everything, jobs, freelancer tools, easy search engine and so on. You will find intelligence that is free, gives you a lot of resources and does your work, giving you time to do more and achieve your goals. Easy payment system and many more that you can see with your eyes. books that contain - Books on what design is, history of design, and formulas on how to develop vision, vision in the field where creativity only revolves. Books on Psychology, How to Manage People and Win Friends, How to Make Strong Arguments and Let's be deep thinkers, Meditation, How to Win Any Argumentative Matter, and Be an Outstanding Thinker of Intelligence. These books cover a range of topics, from developing mental strength and resilience to managing interpersonal relationships and developing a strong sense of self. The self-realized soul is neither attached to nor detached from anything. He simply lets things be, knowing they are all an illusion." - Ashtavakra Gita

  • I worked with this, and so did our team. Know that distinguished designers have used it and I think you can use it too, in a more sophisticated and unique version already. Therefore, it is already in your hands.

I want you to know that you are stronger than a yourself and the smartest to achieve success, turn a small goal into a big one and get results from yourself that you don't expect. It's you and you can know anything you touch.

Who is it for:

  • Are you a Designer ? Perfect! In this template you will be a designer, you will be a thinker and you will be very attractive to the client.
  • Want a simple and completely free resource ? Great! Here you will find resource free and full of creative inspirational templates.
  • Do you want to generate dopamine and become faster than today ? Awesome! Here you will have to listen and do, think and work together, become more successful than you were yesterday and work on yourself more than you worked before.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

As soon as you look at the whole template, you will understand that here is your space, lightened and simple, be sure that you will love your work better and become more agile, fast and tasteful.

  • You will learn to think fast
  • You will become more punctual
  • You will learn to manage yourself
  • You will learn discipline towards the client
  • You will learn to manage time and do things more easily than before.
  • You will learn, know that you will learn many things.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. Portfolio It includes the entire work portfolio, Invoice and also your own Resume that you can change with anything and use very quickly.
  2. Work Space You will see the Goals with a small note, open first and write down your goal, after 1 week and don't try to ignore it, don't dare and don't give up, here you will reach your goal, know that all the goals you write down here are in your hands, I won't let you forget them!
  3. FREE AI Tools A collection of designers full of artificial intelligence, which includes various sites and plugins to get the job done very quickly and easily, amaze the client with your speed and perfect design, this is the intelligence that will help you do a day's work in a few minutes, Try it and you will understand the result.
  4. FREE Audio Books It contains audio books on design, your vision area, develop your vision, logic and right thinking, it includes a collection of many different best-selling books, psychology and secret tricks on how to be successful and ideally a good strong speaker anywhere. Do your work and listen to books, it will generate dopamine.



  • Who is this template for ?For Designers. For enthusiasts. For thinkers. For those who like to work on themselves and take challenges.
  • Do I need any knowledge before taking this template ?No, what you need is a space to work, headphones to listen to books and a brain to think. If not, this will give you something to think about.
  • Will this template teach me how to be functional ?Yes. The template will show you how to run your creativity in just a few hours. You took many things from one space that you didn't have before.
  • I have more questions. How can I contact you ?You can send me a DM on Twitter.

I wish you to become stronger than you were yesterday • By Peghe.

I want this!

Double the work and ease up practically.


Graphic Designer Notion

0 ratings
I want this!